Juice Cleanses

Isn't it true that our bodies cleanse naturally?

Yes, our bodies cleanse/detoxify all day long. But our modern lifestyle overloads our bodies with toxins. Fast food, restaurant food, take-out food, caffeine, alcohol, and medications all stress our natural cleansing system. Add to that an environment filled with dirty air, impure water and chemicals everywhere and it is clear that we make more of a demand on our body’s natural cleansing ability than it can handle. Toxins build up in the body and can cause allergies, digestive problems, weight gain and even a constant feeling of fatigue. We like to think of our 24 Karrots cleanse program as a vacation for your digestive system. It gives your body the necessary nutrients to detox and the time to do it.

Why should I jump on the cleansing-trend wagon? Isn’t it just a fad?

Historically cleansing has been a way to bring balance back into people's lives. This was even before processed foods, environmental impurities and constant stress became the norm. Juice cleansing is not a fad. People are rediscovering it as a way to proactively re-energize their bodies, look younger, feel better, be more resistant to disease and kick start a new healthy life style.

Aren’t a healthy diet and exercise enough? It seems that cleansing is overkill.

Naturally we can build better health with a healthy diet and exercise. Cleansing is a great way to get the most out of this long-term strategy in two ways.
First no matter how healthy a person’s lifestyle is we often still feel less than we know we can be. Toxins build up in our bodies and we just don’t function at peak performance. Our digestive systems need a vacation from processing even healthy foods not to mention all of the unhealthy stuff that tempts us day in and day out. During a cleanse the digestive system can work on detoxification without having to process solid food. However, it’s essential that the body receives all of the necessary nutrients provided in the 24 Karrots juices to function properly and handle detoxification during the cleanse.
Second most people enjoy rich food, caffeinated drinks and alcohol. If that’s you, no problem. There’s no reason to cut them out completely. We have learned the hard way that living a Spartan life with only “healthy foods” doesn’t work for most people. We’ve tried it and it doesn’t take long to fall off the wagon and gorge yourself with the “good to the taste but not-so-good-for-you stuff.” Balance is the answer. A juice cleanse is a powerful tool to proactively kick-start a healthy, balanced life style. It strengthens your self-discipline, helps you make the right choices, allows you to enjoy all types of food/drink and keep everything in balance.

Menu items

Are your products gluten free?

Some of our items are not gluten free. Items to avoid if you have Celiac disease include our pumpkin flax granola on top of our acai bowls and our tortilla wraps.

How long will my bottled juices keep?

Our juices are cold pressed, then air-sealed in bottles with tamper-evident caps. If they are kept refrigerated until consumed, they will stay potent and fresh for 4 days from the time of delivery/pick up.


Do you recycle?

We currently do not recycle.

Do you have a loyalty program?

We currently do not have a loyalty program. We are working on it, however and ask for your patience.

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