24 Karrots — What’s in a name?
24 Karats + Carrot = 24 Karrots: a juice bar that provides golden nutrition

3 Generations of Juicers

Almost 50 years ago Lou Kamps Sr. became interested in juicing and improving his health. He had always been into physical exercise but he wanted to do more to feel and look better. He wanted to live a long, healthy, pain free life. Paul C. Bragg wrote about it, Jack LaLanne preached about it and Lou wanted it. He bought an Acme juice extractor, started juicing, changed his eating habits and quit smoking. Naturally his friends and family thought he was a bit eccentric. After all, it was the 60’s. Fast food, colas, beer, and smoking were what everyone did. Who juiced? Who bought carrots in 50 lb. bags?

Even though the positive results were not far behind after starting his new habit of juicing regularly, Lou’s son, Ken, was still reluctant to try juicing. Teenagers are often slow to pick up the positive habits of their parents. But when other teens started making comments like, “I wish my parents were as active and energetic as Lou” and “I hope that I look as good as he does at his age” a bell went off. Ken started using the Acme juicer that his Dad had bought for him and never looked back. It has made a big difference in his general health, sleep, digestion, and energy level.

Like Ken, it took his son Anthony a while to start juicing. Juicing was for Grandpa and Dad. But he eventually saw the benefits and now he also enjoys the benefits of regular juicing.

They decided to share their passion for juicing, cleansing, and vegan fare. The idea of 24 Karrots was born. Anthony now manages/operates 24 Karrots Bucktown.

Our 24 Karrots’ family is proud to offer homemade, natural, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads, wraps and acai bowls at the most reasonable prices possible. We are committed sharing the priceless gift of high levels of health and energy with our customers.